Corporate Management

Stephan Horvath, CEO and Chief Technology Officer

Stephan, co-founder of ACN, has over 25 years of experience in business management and research. Prior to his present position at ACN, he was a Vice President of Ascom and Deputy Managing Director of the Ascom Infocom Business Unit with revenues of CHF 320 million. Prior to Ascom, Stephan worked in communication security at GRETAG, where he headed the development of advanced encryption equipment employed by SWIFT, EUROCARD and TELEKURS. Prior to GRETAG, he headed two research groups in digital signal processing and digital speech processing at the ETH in Zürich.

Antoine Boss, Chief Operating Officer and VP of Engineering

Antoine, co-founder of ACN, founded the Company with Stephan and is one of the two managing directors since 1993. He led both the Engineering and the Networking activities of the company since its incorporation. Antoine has been instrumental in the success of several professional R&D services projects. Next to his skills in circuit design, he is also an experienced networking expert. Prior to ACN, he was Head of the Hardware Development Department at Ascom.

Pierre-Olivier Chave, Chairman of the Board

Pierre-Olivier Chave is a well-known and successful Swiss entrepreneur. He is founder and owner of PX Holding, grouping five companies, including Swiss Profile in Malaysia. He was President of the Manufacturers Association of Neuchâtel for 14 years. Pierre-Olivier is a member of the Swiss Venture Club.

Michael Mirow, Non-Executive Director, Member of the Board

Michael Mirow currently serves as senior advisor and consultant to some of the biggest global companies in Germany and is a member of the Board in several high-tech and private equity companies. Until recently, he was a member of the supervisory board of Siemens AG. Prior to his present activities, Michael was a Senior Vice-President for Corporate Strategies at Siemens AG. During his career at Siemens, he held leading executive positions in several divisions of Siemens (semiconductors, data processing, household appliances, purchasing and planning).

Lubomir Cergel, Non-Executive Director, Member of the Board

Lubomir, a veteran of the Semiconductor industry, was with Motorola Semiconductors for 32 years. He was a member of the R&D organization as Director of the Technology Strategy Office, with responsibility for the European contributions to the sector’s worldwide strategy.  He was working on CMOS and ECL technologies, participated in the development of  microprocessors for communications and automotive segments, and contributed to the development of Surface Mount technologies, PBGA (Plastic Ball Grid Array) and Flip-Chip packaging. Lubomir contributed to the 300mm wafer fab R&D joint venture between Motorola and Siemens in Dresden in Germany, which was the first “300mm wafer fab” in the world. He is an honorary member of the Frauenhofer Society.