Business Development

ACN has spent the recent years complementing its advanced communication technology leadership to include Smart Metering expertise to focus on new market opportunities.

The DC250 Data Concentrator providing G3-PLC to fiber communications is one recent example. The DC250 is certified by the G3-PLC Alliance, and is distributed by Landis + Gyr in Switzerland. Several pilots of potential customers are ongoing.

DC250 Data Concentrator

DC250 Data Concentrator

The Company is addressing the utility market with a complete Smart Metering solution including transparent Gateways and Head-End Systems (HES) allowing control and remote read-out of Smart Meters using either G3-PLC or RF Mesh communication technologies.

ACN’s solution allows the use of Smart Meters from different manufacturers, provided they are certified by the G3-PLC Alliance.

A dedicated and comprehensive consultancy and rollout support complements the Company’s market offering in Smart Metering.

The Company is also active in the field of energy efficiency. ACN is planning field trials with its new system for in-home energy efficiency this autumn and to launch the product this year.

In Smart Grid, ACN’s new Medium Voltage Smart Grid communication equipment using Broadband PLC technology will be introduced on the market early next year.