ACN has built up significant expertise in all technologies related to Smart Metering and Smart Grid.

The Company is expert in:DLMS User Association Logo

  • The design of MID certified metering,
  • DLMS/COSEM protocols and
  • IDIS protocols
  • Powerline and RF communication protocols

and is experienced in advanced multi-fluid (multi-utility) integration.

ACN is recognized worldwide as expert in the following communication technologies for Smart Metering and Smart Grid:

  • G3-PLC (the Company is member of the G3-PLC Alliance)
  • RF Mesh
  • Hybrid G3-PLC and RF Mesh Communications
  • M-Bus and wireless M-Bus
  • LTE (Long Term Evolution)
  • LoRa (Internet of Things)


Next to its market offering for Smart Metering, the Company has multi-year field experience in Smart Grid communications over Medium Voltage networks.